Ph.D. student at University of California, Davis   (September 2013-Present)

  • 4.0 GPA Plan to graduate Spring 2020.
Honors B.S. with Distinction in Computer Science   (August 2009- June 2013)
  • University of Delaware, Newark, DE
  • 4.0 GPA
  • Minor: Mathematics
Graduated as Valedictorian from Salesianum High School   (Graduated In 2009)

Publications, Talks, and Manuscripts:

(Submitted, undergoing review) Does Surprisal Predict Code Comprehension Difficulty? Casey Casalnuovo, Prem Devanbu, Emily Morgan. CogSci 2020.

Casey Casalnuovo, Earl T. Barr, Santanu Kumar Dash, Prem Devanbu, Emily Morgan. A Theory of Dual Channel Constraints. NEIR Paper accepted at ICSE 2020.

(Manuscript, early version on arvix) Do People Prefer “Natural” code? Casey Casalnuovo, Kevin Lee, Hulin Wang, Prem Devanbu, Emily Morgan. Plan to submit to the Journal of Cognitive Science.

Hongyu Zhai, Casey Casalnuovo, Prem Devanbu. Test Coverage in Python Programs. Short Paper MSR 2019.

Kevin Lee, Casey Casalnuovo. Is “Naturalness" a result of deliberate choice? Talk given at NL4SE workshop at FSE 2018.

Casey Casalnuovo, Kenji Sagae, Prem Devanbu. Studying the Difference Between Natural and Pro-gramming Language Corpora.
Journal of Empirical Software Engineering, 2019.
Talk on early work given at NL4SE workshop at AAAI 2018.

Bogdan Vasilescu, Casey Casalnuovo, Prem Devanbu. Recovering Clear, Natural Identifiers from Obfuscated JS Names. FSE 2017.

Casey Casalnuovo, Yagnik Suchak, Baishakhi Ray, Cindy Rubio-González. GitcProc: A Tool for Processing and Classifying GitHub Commits. ISSTA 2017 Demonstration Track.

Bogdan Vasilescu, Kelly Blicoe, Qi Xuan, Casey Casalnuovo, Daniela Damian, Premkumar Devanbu and Vladimir Filkov. The Sky Is Not the Limit: Multitasking on GitHub Projects. ICSE 2016

Casey Casalnuovo, Bogdan Vasilescu, Prem Devanbu, Vladimir Filkov. Developer Onboarding in GitHub: The Role of Prior Social Links and Language Experience. ESEC/FSE, 2015.

Casey Casalnuovo, Prem Devanbu, Abiliio Oliveira, Vladimir Filkov, and Baishakhi Ray. Assert Use in GitHub Projects. ICSE, 2015.

Computer Science Research Experience

Intern at Microsoft Research, Redmond.   (Summer 2017)
Manager: Nachi Nagappan

University of California, Davis   (September 2013 - Present)
Graduate Research Assistant
Advisers: Prem Devanbu

University of Delaware   (January 2012 - July 2013)
Undergraduate Researcher (Senior Thesis)
Adviser: Lori Pollock

General Computer Science Job Experience

Assistant programmer for the Osher LifeLong Learning Institute.   (Summer 2013)

Teaching Experience

T.A for ECS 160 - Software Engineering   (Winter 2018)
T.A. for ECS 260 - Graduate Software Engineering   (Fall 2016)

Awards and Service

SIGSOFT CAPS travel award for MSR 2019
ISSTA 2017 Student Travel Grant
Student Volunteer at ICSE 2016
SIGSOFT ICSE 2015 CAPS travel award
1743 scholarship from the University of Delaware   (August 2009- June 2013)
Computer Information Science Outstanding Senior Award   (University of Delaware 2013)
Computer Information Science Outstanding Sophomore Award   (University of Delaware 2011)


Programming Languages: Java, Python, R, SQL, familiar with C#, C/C++, JavaScript, Haskell, PHP
Frameworks and tools: Using and mining git and GitHub, Tidyverse/ggplot, AST frameworks in Java and Python, Some experience with TensorFlow models (LSTM/transformers), Django, Maven

Areas of Interest

Mining Software Repositories, Empirical Software Engineering, Software Quality, Software Team Dynamics, Applications of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to Source Code


Vladimir Filkov, Ph.D., Professor
University of California, Davis
Kemper Hall, 1 Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616, USA

Prem Devanbu, Ph.D., Professor
University of California, Davis
Kemper Hall, 1 Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616, USA